Warzone 2100

2.3.9 for Ubuntu

A 3D war strategy game in real time


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The world has been destroyed by a nuclear war. Here you are, amidst the desolation, a member of The Project, sent to start the rebuilding using remnants of technology from before the war. However, this won't be an easy task, as you'll have to cross paths with other survivors.

This is the beginning of Warzone 2100, a remake of the classic game of the same name that was released with an open source GNU license and continues to be developed and improved by the Warzone 2100 Project.

This 3D strategy game plunges you into hostile territory where you have to find a way to recover all the technology and resources needed for your reconstruction plans.

Depending on what you can find, you'll be armed with military equipment to deal with possible hostile threats. In addition to the prefabricated equipment you can create, you can also design your own vehicles with different components (propulsion mode, chassis, weapons, etc.), which you choose depending on your needs (faster and cheaper vehicles for exploration, heavy armed vehicles for open combat, etc.).

The game is divided into missions with various objectives that you have to accomplish successfully in order to move on to the next mission. Warzone 2100 also offers a multiplayer mode.

Architecture: i386