Warzone 2010




Futuristic war strategy in real time


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Warzone 2010 is a futuristic war strategy game in real time that pays particular attention to artillery, the mass combat of different units, and different technology.

The game places you in the middle of the 21st century, when the NASDA (North American Strategic Defense Agency) developed and launched a massive missile shield program that included a prototype for satellites armed with nuclear weapons. However, something when wrong while they were testing the system... and everything changed then.

You will find a number of things that set Warzone 2010's gameplay apart from other strategy games in real time. For example, you can design your units, you have an enormous technology tree with more than 400 different options, and there is an incredibly detailed system of radars and counterattacks.

Warzone 2010 is a very entertaining game for fans of real-time strategy games, who will definitely fall in love with a game that has both a good single-player mode and a very competitive online mode that many people are still playing.
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